Avance Psychiatry

Psychiatric Medication Management

Psychopharmacological evaluations to determine the use of psychotropic medication.

Our providers have the knowledge and experience to perform psychopharmacological evaluations to determine if the use of psychotropic medication is indicated as part of the treatment of mental disorders, in addition to the full range of psychotherapeutic treatments.

Examples of disorders that commonly include psychotropic medication as part of the treatment plan include depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, attention deficit disorders, psychotic disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, substance use disorders, and neurocognitive disorders. Specialists in clinical psychopharmacology also have the expertise to perform medication reconciliation and medication discontinuation.

Medication Prescribing: Evidence-based pharmacotherapy includes medication choices that include consideration of FDA regulatory status, effectiveness, adverse effects, interactions with other drugs, and pharmacogenomic considerations.

If you are considering starting a psychiatric medication or unsure if your current medication is working, psychiatric medication management can help.

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