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Ani Fitzgerald, PA-C is a board-certified Physician Assistant and Psychiatric Provider at Avance Psychiatry in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Ani attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. Afterward, she attended the University of Pittsburgh, where she received her  Master in Physician Assistant Studies (MSPAS). While at the University of Pittsburgh, her clinical rotations covered an array of different specialties within the Pittsburgh area and throughout the state of Pennsylvania. She completed her rotations at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, which is one of the largest hospital networks in Pennsylvania.

Ani believes psychiatric care needs to be approached just as any other health condition. While it may not show as many obvious physical symptoms, lab abnormalities, or imaging abnormalities it is still just as debilitating mentally, emotionally, and even physically as non-psych conditions. Ani believes the key to the best psychiatric care is to treat patients with the lowest dose of medication and the lowest number of medications on the regimen. Her motto is  “less is more” when it comes to prescribing psychiatric medications to avoid side effects and other drug interactions. She also believes therapy and natural options are also important components for her patients to have on board. Ani’s philosophy is that every patient is different and needs to be approached that way. With this philosophy in mind, treatment plans are tailored to each patient to find the ideal regimen. Each patient is like a new puzzle and together they are working to put all the pieces together.

Ani loves getting to spend time with her friends and trying out new restaurants in Charlotte. While she enjoys playing all types of sports and going on walks and running around the different parks around Charlotte. She loves doing puzzles of the national parks and hopes one day to visit all the US national parks and all over the world. Watching sports is another big pastime for Ani especially when it comes to football and women’s soccer.

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