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February 16, 2024

Chronic Pain Management – You Have Options

by Steven Prakken, MD

Watch this recent webinar presentation by Dr. Steven Prakken to hear from a leading pain expert about your treatment options.

Dr. Prakken, Chief of Avance Medical Pain Service, is double board certified in Psychiatry and Pain Management and has spent decades helping patients suffering from chronic pain. From this presentation you will learn about different types of pain, misunderstandings about risk of treatment, and about patient focused treatments available now.



Chronic Pain is said to be the most challenging condition in medicine. Though incredibly common (20% of US population currently diagnosed, up to 40% will be at some point in their life) each case is uniquely difficult.

The complex origins of pain are confusing for patients and practitioners alike, and the emotional issues it causes may cause shame and secrecy.

With fewer practitioners treating pain, it is difficult to find one with the multidisciplinary training to address this combination of symptoms, leaving chronic pain patients with limited treatment resources. Dr. Prakken and his team have expertise using a variety of medications in a patient-centered, functional pharmacology approach. Their goal for each patient with chronic pain is a personalized care plan the optimizes pain relief and mental health and wellness. They welcome patients who have complex, difficult to treat conditions who may have hit dead-ends in treatment elsewhere.

Avance Psychiatry and Pain Management, located in Chapel Hill, NC, specializes in the treatment of chronic pain and in the diagnoses and treatment of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders, providing medication management options. Meet the Avance Psychiatry and Pain Management team.

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