Spravato®for Treatment Resistant Depression

Spravato®for Treatment Resistant Depression

Spravato® or esketamine is a drug related to ketamine that was recently FDA approved for treatment resistant depression (TRD) or depression with suicidal thoughts or behaviors. It is usually covered by insurance and the treatment can only be delivered by specially certified centers.

Spravato® works very differently than currently available antidepressants and tends to work when usual antidepressants do not. It also tends to work quicker than current antidepressants, with most patients noticing improvement in 4-8 treatments.

Side effects include sedation, dissociation, and increased blood pressure requiring patients to be monitored in the office for two hours; these side effects fade by the end of 2 hours but patients cannot drive until the following day.

Avance Psychiatry has a Spravato® team directed by a board-certified psychiatrist who specializes in Spravato® treatment. Avance Psychiatry is certified to deliver Spravato® and will help with your insurance authorization.


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