Laboratory Services

Avance Care Laboratory Services

Avance Care offers high-quality laboratory services on site including professional phlebotomy through a partnership with LabCorp. We screen for common diseases by performing fasting blood work prior to each annual physical on adults.

The lab tests are:

  • Lipid Panel (Cholesterol Screening)
  • BMP (Basic Metabolic Panel)
  • CBC (complete Blood Count)

While these tests used to be covered by insurance, it’s more and more common for it to apply to deductible or other patient liability.  You may receive a bill from LabCorp for your screening tests, even if the tests are run as part of your annual preventive exam and filed to your insurance with preventive codes.

Laboratory billing

LabCorp will bill your insurance directly for their services and you may get a bill that is separate from your Avance Care bill from LabCorp. Your laboratory health insurance benefits may be very different from your office visit benefits at Avance Care. You can learn what costs to expect from your insurance company by calling the customer service number on the back of your insurance card prior to receiving service.

Please contact the LabCorp Billing Department for questions regarding a bill you receive from LabCorp.

Preferred Lab

Another insurance problem is the preferred laboratory network. Many insurers will provide better benefits at their preferred laboratory. You can learn what lab to use by calling the customer service number on the back of your insurance card prior to receiving service. LabCorp is preferred by most insurers, but some insurers prefers Quest Diagnostics. We will gladly print an order for you to take to a lab draw center that your insurance company prefers, but most patients will be able to use LabCorp services onsite at Avance Care.

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