Avance Psychiatry

Concierge At-Home Detoxification in North Carolina

A private, medical detox program at home

The Concierge At-Home Detoxification Program is a fully private and medical detoxification experience in the comfort of your own home while being supervised by a medical professional trained in the use of detoxification treatment techniques.

To get started:

  1. Call 984-200-2780 to schedule a consultation.
  2. Labs will be taken, and an assessment made to determine if you are eligible. Upon completion, candidates will meet with Dr. Ashwin Patkar or a member of his medical team.
  3. You will be prescribed appropriate medications to manage your withdrawal symptoms that will be supervised by a provider.
  4. You will monitored multiple times daily by a staff member who comes to your home to ensure your privacy and safety.

The program is medically driven by Dr. Ashwin Patkar and his staff at Avance Psychiatry and clinically administered by a team of Concierge At-Home Recovery Specialists from Welwynn Center for Addiction treatment.

Don't delay the care you need.

Prompt appointments available.